Online Coaching and Classes

Online Classes

While raising Skeptic, I took careful notes and recorded hours of video to create a blueprint for surviving puppyhood and giving your dog the best possible foundation for dog agility and life.

This class covers all of Skeptic’s training until he was 6 months. It includes 6.5 hours of video, a daily blog, and much more! Click below to learn more about the class.

Online Coaching

My online classroom will help you reach your agility goals.


In addition to video tutorials I have to share, I can:

  • Analyze trial runs

  • Analyze training videos

  • Design small space drills

  • Design home courses

  • Teach foundation skills

  • Find foundation holes and help fill them

  • Help with stopped and running contacts

  • Help with weaving and jumping

  • Help problem solve issues

  • Improve your handling

  • Help with internationals training