Skeptic was born in England on July 4th, 2017. He is a working cocker spaniel, is my 4th agility dog, and my first small dog. He is by far the busiest dog I have ever had and makes us laugh every day. He has just started his agility journey and is showing lots of potential!


Skeptic loves all humans, loves to play and snuggle, loves to run, hike and swim, loves nosework and agility, and loves food and tennis balls.

How to Develop a Confident, Social Puppy Who Loves to Learn and Play

Skeptic is the star in his own Agility Foundation class hosted by Bad Dog Agility


AKC Accomplishments

2019 AKC EO Team Tryouts

2nd place cumulative and win on spot

2019 AKC World Team Tryouts

Placed 6th in World Team Tryouts at just 22 months of age!

AKC titles: OA NAJ OF