About Sarah

Sarah became interested in dog training when she was 13 years old. She wanted to be a veterinarian and thought that in addition to training her own chickens, guinea pigs and cockatiels, training guide dogs would be great hands on experience. In 1995, that led to her first guide dog puppy, Campo, a black lab. Campo got her hooked and she ended up raising and training 5 more guide dog puppies and 7 other service dog puppies. In 2000, she made a career of training dogs and started teaching obedience classes and private lessons. In 2008 Sarah was introduced to agility, took classes with Daisy Peel and Blynn Baker and was immediately hooked. She then started teaching foundation agility classes and now teaches foundation through competition classes, private lessons and workshops at her field in Centralia, WA and also in Tumwater and Castle Rock. She occasionally teaches workshops at Argus Ranch in Auburn, WA.


Bad Dog Agility started to sponsor Sarah in 2015. Since then she has worked with them in their online Academy, in their Before and After classes and now teaches a foundation agility class through them.

20″ AKC National Agility Champion
2019, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


2018 Westminster

2nd Place, Finals

AKC World Team Member – 2019


AKC European Open Team Member – 2018

20″ AKC National Agility Champion
2016, Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


20″ Perferred Challenger Round
2016, Tulsa Oklahoma, USA

20″ AKC National Agility Champion
2015, Reno, Nevada, USA


20″ AKC Preferred National Agility Champion
2015, Reno, Nevada, USA

USDAA 2015 Cynosport
1st Place in Steeplechase Semifinals
2nd Place Steeplechase Finals


USDAA 2015 Cynosport
4th Place in Grand Prix Semi Finals
2nd place in Grand Prix Quarter Finals

USDAA 2015 Cynosport Performance Biathlon

3rd Place Performance Biathlon, 20″


USDAA 2015 Cynosport Performance Versatility Pairs

2nd Place, 20″ Performance Versatility Pairs

AKC Team Member for 2016 European Open Team


1st place in Round 1

1st place in Round 3

1st place overall at Team Tryouts

Americas e Caribe de Agility, Columbia 2016

Silver Metal – Large Official Team


Americas e Caribe de Agility, Brazil 2015

Silver Metal – Grand Jumping

Bronze Metal – Large Official Team

Open Individual Agility – 2nd place

Located In Centralia, WA