Posted by Administrator on May 27, 2019

AKC 2019

Our 2019 AKC year so far

2019 has been an incredible year in AKC agility for us!

It started with Skeptic finishing his World Team Tryout qualifications. He was only 19 months old and qualified almost exclusively through premier. At tryouts, he performed way above what I expected. Not only did he have a placement but he ended up in 6th place and on the short list! Wow!

Hops was not to be out shown by his little brother though! Hops once again won the 20″ class at AKC Nationals, becoming one of very few dogs to have won Nationals 3 times. Then, he was amazing at World Team Tryouts, ending up in 4th place and was chosen to be the 4th team member! We are going to Finland in September to compete at the FCI Agility World Championships! A dream come true! I am so honored and so excited! Go Hops!

Posted by Administrator on May 27, 2019

Skeptic’s Foundation Class

Skeptic's Agility Foundation Class

Skeptic has his own class now! Agility Foundation for Puppies and Young Dogs. For his first 6 months I kept training notes and took video of just about every training session I had with him. There are over 6 hours of video in the class, showing the steps (including mistakes) to all the behaviors we worked on. All the videos are timestamped to make it easier to find exactly what you are looking for and there are PDFs you can print out of the homework to do. The class not only covers his early agility preparation (flatwork, body awareness, core strength, cones/wings/tunnels, toy training, etc.) but it also includes everyday puppy skills like recalls, handling for dressing and grooming, heeling, impulse control and more! Check it out here!



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